Foot and Ankle

Foot and Ankle

Foot and Ankle problems are very common and can range from simple bunions to debilitating deformities. Whether it is surgical treatments or non-surgical procedures, our goal is to get you back on your feet so you may enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as walking the dog or playing your favorite sport out in the field.

Common Conditions of the Ankle and Foot:

Achilles Tendinitis
Achilles tendinitis is a common condition that causes pain along the back of the leg near the heel. It’s a condition associated with overuse and degeneration.
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Ankle Fractures
A fractured ankle can range from a simple break in one bone, which may not stop you from walking, to several fractures, which forces your ankle out of place and may require that you not put weight on it for three months.
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Ankle Sprains
A sprained ankle is a very common injury. A sprained ankle can happen to athletes and non-athletes, children and adults. It can happen as easily as when you step on an uneven surface, or step down at an angle.
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Calcaneus Fractures
Calcaneus Fractures most often occur during high-energy collisions — such as a fall from height or a motor vehicle crash. They are fractures of the heel bone, or calcaneus, and can be disabling injuries.
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A common problem in women, bunions are often blamed on wearing tight, narrow shoes, and high heels. With a bunion, the base of your big toe (metatarsophalangeal joint) gets larger and sticks out and may get tender and red.
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