After-hours care

To provide the best possible care for our patients, we have an after-hours emergency Hotline (703) 777-3262. There is always a Physician on call to answer urgent medical inquiries. In general, below is a guideline for when to call the hotline and when to visit your local ER.


When to call the Hotline:

  • If you have recently had surgery and are experiencing problems relevant to your treatment.

When to visit your nearest Emergency care center (ER):

  • If you have experienced a NEW injury. We are unable to adequately evaluate a new injury over the phone. For this reason please visit your nearest ER or call our office to make an appointment. For your convenience, we often have same-day appointments available for urgent care.

We are happy to assist you in your medication needs during business hours. It is our policy that we do not re-fill prescriptions after business hours or on the weekends. Please be sure to contact your doctor during regular business hours prior to your medications running out.